An aquarium of newly hatched tilapia fry.

Pure strain Blue tilapia fry are 69 cents each in any quantity. They are approximately 10 days old and vary in size up to about 1/2 of an inch. There will be a mix of male and female tilapia so you can create your own colonies if you wish. These can grow to a breeding size in about 60 days and be ready for harvest in approximately 32 weeks.

​Use the drop down list below to select the quantity of tilapia fry that you need. All orders are shipped within five business days.

Blue tilapia fingerlings for sale

Blue tilapia fry for sale

Mineral Springs

Tilapia Fingerlings

For Sale 

This is a proper tilapia breeding colony consisting of a single male and five females. Other combinations will not work on a reliable basis. The picture above shows one of my early experiments with seven females and one male. It did not produce any tilapia fingerlings. I also tried one male with three females and two males with four females with the same poor results.

The breeding colony that you will receive will not be slapped together from some random tilapia snatched out of a juvenile tank on any given day. Instead you will receive a colony that has been together for a few weeks and already proven itself to spawn. Please allow up to ten business days for the colony to be shipped as larger fish require more preparation and forethought than tilapia fingerlings.

Tilapia Fry

Blue tilapia breeding colonies for sale

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Two female Blue tilapia.

Pure strain Blue tilapia fingerlings are only 79 cents each. They are between 30 and 40 days old and range in sizes from 3/4 of an inch up to 1 1/2 inches. They are a mix of male and female tilapia that can grow to a breeding size in four to six weeks. They will be ready for harvest in approximately 28 weeks.

​Use the drop down list below to select the quantity of tilapia fingerlings that you need. All orders are processed immediately and ship within five business days.

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A Blue tilapia breeding colony
Tilapia Fingerlings

As I mentioned on my home page, I have become more successful with tilapia fingerlings than I ever imagined and I have already outgrown the brand new indoor hatchery shown on my Youtube channel. This was always intended to be a fun retirement hobby not a tilapia fingerling empire, but rather than quit and walk away leaving hundreds of my friends and customers hanging, I have decided reach out to our growers association for help. As of March of 2019 I have enlisted the help of a US based company called Fish Farming Management. They will coordinate on my behalf with other high-end tilapia hatcheries and suppliers located in Tennessee and Pennsylvania to help fill the orders made on my site. The prices shown on this page represent very special deals for my customers only and in most cases are lower than the prices offered by the hatcheries to their own customers.

I also want to stress that nothing on this site will ever be sourced from the Great Lakes Region or anywhere inside of the state of Florida.  If you don't know why this is important, there are several news articles about deadly bacteria, viruses, toxic algae, and other dangerous organisms coming out of these regions for you to research on the Internet.

It has been my pleasure answering questions and interacting with you over the years, but spending hours standing on a prosthetic leg in a hot and humid hatchery selling tilapia fingerlings every day was never my dream. Make no mistake though, I am still available if you want to chat about raising tilapia, just visit the contact page and ask for me.

A male Blue tilapia.
A net full of Blue tilapia fingerlings.