Blue tilapia fingerlings at eight weeks old.
I am a member of the American Aquatic Growers Association & Cooperative.

A proud member of the

American Aquatic Growers

Association & Cooperative

A Blue tilapia male getting ready to spawn and make lots of tilapia fingerlings.

Blue tilapia fingerlings at eight weeks old

A male tilapia at three months old.

Greg with a net full

of tilapia fingerlings

Tilapia fingerlings and fry at five weeks old.
Five female tilapia, all carrying tilapia fry in their mouths.

Greg with a net full of tilapia fingerlings.

Five week old tilapia

fingerlings and fry

The male of the tilapia breeding colony

A male tilapia at

three months old

Mineral Springs Tilapia is a veteran owned business.

Five female tilapia, all carrying tilapia fry

​​​​​​​Mineral Springs
​Tilapia Fingerlings

Thanks for coming by to visit my site. I am located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee.

This is a small scale tilapia fingerling hatchery built on a very tight budget. Through trial and error, I've learned very quickly what it takes to breed and care for tilapia fingerlings. I hope that this website is a valuable resource for others and helps to reduce their learning time and become more successful at raising tilapia at home.  

Update, March 2019. What had started out as a hobby in 2012 has grown to be more successful than I ever imagined. I am simply not big enough to keep up with the unexpected demand. So to better serve my customers I have joined with other members of our growers association to help ship tilapia fingerlings and tilapia food. This change allows me to focus on the things that I really enjoy, helping people who are interested in raising tilapia.